Kaiserbiographien: Claudius Gothicus / Qunitillus (268-270)

Sonntag, Juni 19th, 2016

prospectiva imperialia Nr. 35 [19.06.2016] / De Imperatorbibus Romanis. An Online Encyclopedia of Roman Rulers [19.06.2001] Claudius II Gothicus [und Quintillus]  (268-270) von Richard D. Weigel (Western Kentucky University) [http://www.roman-emperors.org/Claudius_Gothicus.jpg] M. Aurelius Claudius, known to history as Claudius Gothicus or Claudius II, was born in either Dalmatia or Illyria on May 10, probably in A.D. […]

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Kaiserbiographien: Valerianus Publius Licinius (253 – 260)

Samstag, September 26th, 2015

prospectiva imperialia Nr. 33 [25.09.2015] / Encyclopædia Britannica Bd. XXVII (111910/11), S. 859 Valerianus Publius Licinius (253-260 n. Chr.) Principal unsigned article Roman emperor from A.D. 253 to 260. He was of noble family, and in 238 was princeps senatus. In 251, when Decius revived the censorship with legislative and executive powers so extensive that […]

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