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Kaiserbiographien: Gallienus (253 – 268)

Sonntag, Januar 31st, 2016

prospectiva imperialia Nr. 34 [31.01.2016] / De Imperatorbibus Romanis. An Online Encyclopedia of Roman Rulers [03.08.1998] Valerian (A.D. 253-260) and Gallienus (A.D. 253-268) Richard D. Weigel (Western Kentucky University) P. Licinius Valerianus, or Valerian, was unusual for his time period in that he was an emperor who came from an old Roman senatorial family. He […]

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Kaiserbiographien: Valerianus Publius Licinius (253 – 260)

Samstag, September 26th, 2015

prospectiva imperialia Nr. 33 [25.09.2015] / Encyclopædia Britannica Bd. XXVII (111910/11), S. 859 Valerianus Publius Licinius (253-260 n. Chr.) Principal unsigned article Roman emperor from A.D. 253 to 260. He was of noble family, and in 238 was princeps senatus. In 251, when Decius revived the censorship with legislative and executive powers so extensive that […]

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Kaiserbiographien: Marcus Aemilius Aemilianus (253)

Dienstag, Juni 23rd, 2015

prospectiva imperialia Nr. 32 [23.06.2015] / De Imperatorbibus Romanis. An Online Encyclopedia of Roman Rulers [21.07.2002] Marcus Aemilius Aemilianus (ca. July – ca. Sept. 253) von Thomas Banchich (Canisius College) [Abb. einer Münze] Biography The anonymous late 4th-century Epitome de Caesaribus sets the birthplace of Aemilianus (PIR2 A330) „on the island Meninx, which is now […]

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Kaiserbiographien: Trebonianus Gallus / Gaius Vibius Volusianus (251 – 253)

Mittwoch, April 22nd, 2015

prospectiva imperialia Nr. 31 [22.04.2015] / De Imperatorbibus Romanis. An Online Encyclopedia of Roman Rulers [01.07.2002] Trebonianus Gallus (251-253 A.D.) and Gaius Vibius Volusianus (251-253 A.D.) von R. Scott Moore (Indiana University of Pennsylvania) [Abb.en zu Gallus und Volusianus] Early Career and Accession Gaius Vibius Trebonianus Gallus was born around the year 206 AD in […]

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Kaiserbiographien: Trajan Decius (249 – 251)

Samstag, März 28th, 2015

prospectiva imperialia Nr. 30 [28.03.2015] / De Imperatorbibus Romanis. An Online Encyclopedia of Roman Rulers [21.07.2002] Trajan Decius […] and Usurpers During His Reign von Geoffrey Nathan (San Diego State University) und Robin McMahon (New York University) [Abb. zu Decius] Geoffrey Nathan: Trajan Decius (249-251 A.D.) Early Life and Public Career Any discussion of Decius […]

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Kaiserbiographien: Philippus Arabs (244 – 249 n. Chr.)

Freitag, Februar 20th, 2015

prospectiva imperialia Nr. 29 [20.02.2015] / De Imperatorbibus Romanis. An Online Encyclopedia of Roman Rulers [07.06.1999] Philip the Arab and Rival Claimants of the later 240s von Michael L. Meckler (Ohio State University) und Christian Körner (University of Bern) [Abb.en zu Philip I. Pacatianus, Iotapianus, Silbannacus, Sponsianus, Philip II.] Michael L. Meckler: Philip the Arab […]

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Kaiserbiographien: Pupienus / Balbinus (238 n. Chr.)

Freitag, Dezember 19th, 2014

prospectiva imperialia Nr. 28 [19.12.2014] DE IMPERATORIBUS ROMANIS An Online Encyclopedia of Roman Rulers DIR Atlas Pupienus (238 A.D.) and Balbinus (238 A.D.) Garrett G. Fagan New York University Abb. 1: Abb. 2:   Following the deaths of Gordian I and II and the collapse of their rebellion against Maximinus Thrax in April […]

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Kaiserbiographien: Gordian I. / II. / III. (238 – 244 n. Chr.)

Sonntag, November 30th, 2014

prospectiva imperialia Nr. 27 [30.11.2014] ANCIENT HISTORY ENCYCLOPEDIA hrsg. v. Jan van der Crabben u.a. Gordian Emperors by Donald L. Wasson published on 25 November 2013 [URL:] When Maximinus Thrax was named Roman emperor upon the death of Alexander Severus, the news was not well-received by many in Rome and the Roman Senate considered […]

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Kaiserbiographien: Maximinus Thrax (235 – 238 n. Chr.)

Mittwoch, Oktober 29th, 2014

prospectiva imperialia Nr. 26 [28.10.2014] ANCIENT HISTORY ENCYCLOPEDIA hrsg. v. Jan van der Crabben u.a. Maximinus Thrax by Donald L. Wasson published on 18 November 2013 [URL:] The young Roman Emperor Alexander Severus secured the imperial throne after the assassination of his cousin Elagabalus by the Praetorian Guard in 222 CE. Thirteen years later […]

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